How can I continue the loop even after getting an empty table result?

Hello, this is part of what is inside the loop that sometimes returns an empty table after the “Rule-based row filter”:

When it returns an empty table, the loop stops and the loop does not return anything even if there was data in previous iterations.

Could someone tell me how to overcome this? I want to be able to either skip the iteration where an empty table is returned.

Thank you in advance!

I tried the Empty Table Switch, but I am not sure what to connect it to, to be able to make it work as intended

Hello @sohaila ,

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From what you describe, I think I understand the problem, but it is difficult to help you. It is best to share a small workflow where the problem occurs, or if that is not possible, a screenshot of the settings dialog of the node that causes problems. Currently, I do not know which loop nodes you are actually using (there are several), but let me give it a try.
If you use the Loop End node, you can tick the box at “Ignore empty input tables”. Does this help?

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