How can I create columns with day / month / year from date in the format MM/ DD/YYYY?

I have a dataset with a few attributes. One of them is the date in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
Is there a node that allows us to easily transform it and create 3 new columns (with day, month, year respectively)?

Hello @zbigniew123 and welcome to the KNIME forum

If we are talking about a Date as format (yyyy-MM-dd), the date format in KNIME is fixed, but you can extract the components of the Date with ‘Extract Date&Time Fields’ and rearrange afterwards in a string column, by customizing it with a ‘String Manipulation’.

If your Date is still in string format, then you can use a ‘Cell Splitter’ with “/” as separator. Then you can manipulate the components in the same way with a ‘String Manipulation’ node



@zbigniew123 you might take a look at these two blog entries and the linked examples:


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