How can I deal with inactive branch in report designer?

In my workflow I do some checks. if it fails the rest of the workflow should not run and the report should show an error message instead of the normal report. Problem is, I then get an error in the report:


org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.OdaException: Workflow could not be executed; node "2:44 - Data to Report" not executed 

Because that Data to Report node was never executed because it's in an inactive branch. Problem is that between my IF and End IF there is a try/catch and another if block. somehow this messes things up and the last end if is always inactive.

I've had this problem beofre but never got an answer.

It's hard to explain, therefore see attached image of workflow. 

It's IF -> Try/Catch -> IF -> End IF -> End IF.  Last End IF does not work properly.

What are my options to solve this? Can do a check, if a Data to Report was executed and if not ignore it?


I guess you would need to merge the inactive branch with an active one by using the End IF node. The active branch would need to provide the same data table metadata(!) as the original table (just without any rows) and then do a switch within BIRT depending if the table contains any rows or not. Hope this is any helpful.