How can I desaggregate something?


I have two dataframe and I need a proportional desaggregate a dataframe with data from another dataframe. Have some especific node or just join works fine?


First df I have Brazil, with 1000 tons

And the second df I have Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas with a the key number to desaggregate.
Sao Paulo 0,25, Rio de Janeiro 0,5 Amazonas 0,25

And I need Sao Paulo has 250t, Rio 500t and Amazonas 250t


this seems like a case for Math Formula imo, you probably have to join the tables first so you have something like that in one row:
Brazil 1000 Sao Paulo 0.25
Brazil 1000 Rio de Janeiro 0.5

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Hi there @wanuke,

agree with @tbtt, this should be job for Math Formula node. Only thing you need is to prepare you data so that in same row you have country, city, number of tons and corresponding proportion. If you have issues with it I suggest to share you input data and someone will take a look and help.

Hope this helps!


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