How can I filter out non-Number value?

Hi everyone, how can i use knime to filter our non number value?

I would like to keep the row that contains 9 digit only.

How can I do this through knime?

I think “RegEx Filter” should help :slight_smile:


u mean regex split?


You need to better explain your issue with an example.

Because “filter non-number value” and " keep the row that contains 9 digit only." is absolutely not the same thing.

To filter by regex use Row Filter with the correct settings. I leave it as an exercise for you to figure out the correct regex, it’s very simple but important you actual learn and understand it for future use.


seems i cannot install this node.
Is there other methods that can perform this function?

Hi @HKuser

I suggest you provide some input (dummy) data and your desired output, that makes it easier to provide a solution.

gr. Hans

Here is the raw data example.

I would like to use knime to help me to keep the row that only contains 8 digit. (filter out non number value or more / less than 8 digit value.

Many Thanks!

Hi @HKuser,
you can log convert the data with math formula “floor(log($Number$))+1” to determine the digits of your values and apply your filter on that outcome.


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row filter with a regex of \d{8}

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