How can I generate a new column with the attributes based on the following rows?

Hi! I have this problem. I have some two columns. The two columns have a categorical values. The second columns has the attribute that depends from the value of the first column in the tollowing row. So it is like Play and Play+1, and the value of Play+1 depens on the value of Play in the following row. Now i have to create another columns, Play+2, Play+3, Play+4, Play+5, in which each one of them follow the same rule, except that the attribute of Play+2 has the value that Play has in the secondo row that follows, and so on with the other columns. 

How can i create this columns in Knime?

Not sure I understand your example 100%, but it sounds a bit like the following:


Hello safred,

All you need is the Lag Column Node.

To creat many of those columns you want to consider the Loop nodes.