How can I make an accumulate bar chart in KNIME

Hi all,
I need to visualize the values of some attributes in relation with the values of my class (which are 3). The way I know is using and accumulate bar chart but I don’t know how to make it in KNIME. ¿Can you help me? Maybe there is another representation than can be useful for me.


Hi @jma00049 -

This workflow on the KNIME Hub demonstrates several different ways to prepare bar charts. Maybe it will help?


Hi @ScottF and thanks for your help.
This workflow is useful to compare numerical values with the class but I also need to compare nominal values with the class.
I give you an example:
I have a variable call car with values: A, B and C.
I have a class with values: X,Y and Z.
I need to know how many datas has car A with class X, car A with class Y, car A with class Z…
I was thinking in the bar chart to solve it but maybe there is another solution.


You can do that with a bar chart, it just requires a slight pivot. See this simple example:

GroupedBarChartExample.knwf (974.8 KB)

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Oh, that’s great! That’s what I was looking for. Thank you so much!


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