How can I open widget views one after another instead of all at once.

I have a flow where I first use an upload widget to upload an excel file and then use a value selection widget to select which sheet I want to use in my excel reader, using a dropdown that is populated with the sheet names that I read from the file uploaded via the file upload widget.

This works fine when I execute the upload widget with interactive view first and then run the rest of the workflow, but in time I want to distribute this to users that just need to run the entire workflow and receive the prompts one by one.

If they would just select all nodes and use “run and open first view”, then the two widget views pop up at once and obviously that does not work because the second relies on information of the first.

Any ideas on how to tackle this?

Hello @Zvereec1 ,

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To tackle this issue, I would suggest creating a KNIME component along with a Refresh widget node. Components are KNIME nodes that you create which bundle functionality, and have their
configuration dialogue and composite views. Find more about components here and examples on refresh widgets here.

I have attached a test component, you can download this to your workspace to see how the interactive view works. When you upload the file and click the refresh button the Excel sheet names get updated on the selection widget view. Let me know if this does not solve your issue.

KNIME_project.knwf (179.7 KB)



This is very helpful, thank you!

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