How can i save a formatted excel

Hello everyone.

I have a situation here and would like help.

I need to merge and put some colors in some headers and save to excel.
I am currently doing this as follows: save excel and then call it via XLS Formatter and then the formatting is applied (I need to call it again because XLS Formatter only works on an existing file).

However, this ends up slowing down my process, because I need to write excel (100k lines) and then read it again to format.

I would like to have more flexible options:

1 - Save the formatted headers and then insert the other data (100k lines).
2 - Save two tables: one with the header and one with the data and give a kind of merge/concatenate.
3 - Save once with formatting inserted.

Anyway, some solution where I don’t need to read and write 100k rows of records twice.

Any ideas?

Hi @anadias -

Let’s tag @Continental_KNIME_Extension_Developer here and see if there are any workarounds. But I think he would also want to see your feedback too. :slight_smile:

Hi @anadias.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. The design decision when developing the extension was to enable formatting only. If we were to integrate all the complexity of the Excel Writer and Excel Sheet Appender nodes again, we might confuse users more than it would help. We already got the feedback that the XLS Formatting features are a bit challenging to learn.

Of course this comes with the downside of reduced performance and “flexibility”, you are absolutely right about that. I’m sorry that there will not be a solution anytime soon and I can’t think of a workaround either.

Best regards


P.S.: This is my private account, I’m the guy behind the extension.


Hi, @ScottF thanks for your help.

@arbe I understand, thank you very much for your answer.

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