How can I sort data type set of strings

Hi guys, I have a table with 3 columns of type set (strings separated by semi colom).
How can sort this columns.
Col1 Col2 Col3
[dd; gg; aa] [banana; manga; abacate] [neymar; cristiano; messi]
[cc; hh; ee] [pineaple; orange; peach] [vina; joao; pedro]

Result must be:
Col1 Col2 Col3
[aa; dd; gg] [abacate; banana; manga] [cristiano; messi; neymar]
[cc; ee; hh] [orange; peach; pineaple] [joao; pedro; vina]

Hi @eferro and welcome to the Knime community.

I put something together.

This is the input (same as what you have):

And this is what the results of my workflow (same as what you expected):

And here is the workflow: sort data type set of strings.knwf (17.9 KB)


Hi @eferro , just checking if the workflow did the trick for you.

Thank you

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