How can I use my token string in Get Request node?

Hello guys, I’m fairly new to KNIME. I am trying to use my token that I got from my POST request node to make a Get Request.

As I understand, I need to take this token as a flow variable and pass it to make the process automatic. Here is my workflow,

I need to pass this token variable “Bearer 2312421324…” to the authorization header of Get Request.

Here is the Get Request Header Parameter tab, I need help in this part I think,

Table row to variable Node can transform your first table row into a variable. You can then feed it into the GET request header

I added Table Row to Variable Node and here is the output from it.

Here this is my Request Header, I need to pass this token value into Header Value of Authorization Header key. What should I write into this column, what is the syntax for it?

As the header value you should be able to choose the variable


Thanks for the answers, yes It was not coming than somehow, it came and solved it :slight_smile:

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