How can I write an error in Knime console


I would like to write an error message in the Knime console. I know the setWarningMessage(String) message to write a warning but I don't find the same for the error.

There is a way to do this ?


The class you are looking for is called NodeLogger. Use #getNodeLogger(Class) or #getNodeLogger(String) to create a new instance on which you can then print messages in KNIME console for DEBUG, INFO, WARN, and ERROR.

Thanks for your answer,

I can write an error, fatal and warn message but info and debug don't want appear. I try to change the level of the logger by LEVEL.ALL, no results.

Eclipse seems to display them but Knime no.

Any ideas ?

Have you set the log level of the Console View to the debug level?


You can change this via Window - Preferences - KNIME - KNIME GUI

Thanks ! It's working