How can we filter a list that we created using groupby Node


Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have a file where I had used groupby node on Plan and ssn and created a list on record identifier column. Now i have to filter the list that containg only [02,11] or [02,11,61].
Can anyone please help.



Hi @chaithuj , I suspect there will be more to your requirement so this will be overly simplified, but does the grouping NEED to be a list? Could you not group by a sorted concatenation instead using differing like “-” as a delimiter and then you could use a Rule Based row filter to return rows that are 02-11 or 02-11-61? There is nothing to stop you also returning the List column if you need that too.

Typically the solution to this kind of problem will be very dependant on exactly what you are wanting to achieve and, for example, on why you are choosing to keep those specific rows.

Maybe on another occasion it would be a different selection that you wish to filler in which case you wouldn’t want to be modifying the rule based row filter each time. If you can give further info there may be other better solutions.


Hi @takbb,

You are correct, there is more to my actual requirement, I just simplified it to get an answer for the filter.
There is no requirement to make it a list, i just used list as it looks better. Let me try the concat option.
I am using this particular rule as that is our requirement to process dataset that contain 02 and 11 records or 02,11 and 61. and rest all records will be filtered.

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