How can we run DB QUERY node without LIMIT Clause?

I am trying to run a database query and I don’t want the limit clause to be added by default instead I want to use the TOP clause. How can I do this on knime?

Hi, could you share the node you are using and the code? Because when I use it, its not automatically limited.

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This is the node which I am trying to use -DB Query — NodePit

Hi, I can use TOP just fine:

Could you share your workflow and the error message?

This is the parsed query . It adds the limit clause in the backend and I don’t want that

@SnigdhaBiswas the DB Query creates a VIEW. If you want the data you will have to use the:

You can also execute ‘pure’ SQL commands that would then send commands to the database directly:


I think the Limit is only added in the Preview, have you tried it outside of the configuration window?


Yes, got it now.

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