How change Knime UI language?

I install Eclipse Babel Language to translate part of UI language.How to change Knime UI language,i download knime-core but did not find UI language settings.thanks for any help?

Not (easily) possible. The KNIME architecture does not really provide internationalization mechanisms. See also e.g. here:

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thanks,do you know where is the ui text in github source code?

This is scattered over multiple places, but there are no “string bundles” as you’d probably expect.

For the nodes, e.g. there’s a typically dialog class (the configuration dialog with the controls), a node model class (the logic, which might show error or warning messages), and a description (usually in XML, but sometimes also dynamically created), and there can be a view(s) which will be a separate class again.

Parts of the strings are contributed by the Eclipse platform itself.

In doubt, just use GitHub’s search to search for specific strings.

And again, as already stated here several times by others: Don’t do it, except you want to waste time :slight_smile:


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