How disable or block Workflow Export

I can block the export function to prevent a model from being exported ?

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Not sure what you mean. What node do you use or you are talking about workflow export?


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I doubt if there is a method to protect workflows or models from being exported while they are open to be read and edited.

I think this could be a feature for Components. If you can protect components to be executed or be opened by entering a password for example, then this issue could be solved.


Hello @thiassis

this is a usecase we are covering via our commercial extension, the KNIME Server.

Using the KNIME Webportal, you can give the user access to executing the workflow in the browser and download the final model, without having access to the workflow itself and export or reuse anything you are not explicitly providing to him.

In addition KNIME Server comes with a feature to encrypt metanodes. This will hide the full content of the metanode and the user only sees the content of the outputport. See here for a full list of KNIME Server Features:

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