How do I add Search Engines?



How can I add search and ranking engines to the WebSearcher and RankingServices nodes? The nodes and the preferences dialog do not offer me this possibility.



Hi rd0002,

first, sorry for the late response. The searcher and ranking  services are custom implementations, tailored to the specific service providers' APIs. This means, they need to be added programmatically. When accessing the KNIME nodes source code, you can see the corresponding interfaces (<R>, ws.palladian.retrieval.ranking.RankingService).

May I ask which services you are missing? We might then add them to future releases.

Best regards,

Follow up: I noticed today, that the current version of the Palladian Nodes did not contain all ranking/search services from the most current version of the toolkit. I just updated the Palladian KNIME plugin, the latest nightly build will contain the following new services:

Google Plus and Yandex Citation Count for the RankingServices node,
Bing Images, DuckDuckGo, Google Images, Yandex and YouTube for the WebSearcher node.


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