How do I enable users to map columns

Hi guys,

I am currently building a component, and the component is going to need to know in which column the user has stored a certain piece of information.

For example, let say the component needs to calculate the revenue. Imagine that the file the user uploads could have unit price, and quantity sold in any column, and named anything. The component would need to know exactly which column represents unit price, and which column represents quantity sold so that it can perform the calculations properly.

In this scenario, the user should be able to configure the component on which column represents the unit price, and which one represents the quantity sold.

I hope this makes sense :blush:

Help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, guys and gals!

Hi @TosinLitics

You can use
This node allows you to do that.



Works perfectly! I just need to use a couple of them.

Thank you, Gabriel!

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