How do I install the Report Designer Extension?


I am teaching myself KNIME using the book "KNIME Beginners Luck." At the start of chapter 5, the book instructs the reader to install the Report Desinger Extension. Yet when I went into the KNIME Help menu and clicked on Install New Software,  in the Available Software window in the Work With text box, I clicked the drop down arrow and then the Report Designer, I got an erorr message of "No repository found at When I went to the KNIME website to find the download link for the Report Designer Extension, I clicked on the "I accept the terms and conditions" and then clicked download, the only thing that happened was the Accept Terms box became unchecked. Does anyone know how I can download the Report Designer Extension? Chapters 5 and 6 of KNIME Beginners Luck are devoted to learning it.

Thank you


Sorry to hear you are having some troubles.  Could it be a firewall issue?  It is also possible to download an zipped archive of the site here:

If you continue to have troubles, please post back.