How do I move between the columns of a table with the keyboard?

when i use tab it gets stuck on row id
and it won’t let me move with the keyboard keys

Hi @Jalvear -

Interesting. I did a little testing and I think this is is due to where the cursor has focus (that is, where you click). That is, assuming you are on Windows like me, this may not hold true for other systems.

  1. If you click on a value in the RowID column, tab will then only move up and down the column and arrow keys do nothing.
  2. If you click on a value in a data column, tab will move across columns and the arrow keys work fine.

I must confess that I have never run into this before or thought about it much. Maybe just an Eclipse thing? I can ask internally.

Anyway I hope that helps.


that’s right, however my idea has always been to use the mouse very little and when I want to see the table I am always forced to click on the table to see the final columns.

@ScottF I really appreciate the answer

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