How do I pick a file from a folder when the excel file has a different name each week?

I'm new to KNIME and I can not figure out how to grab a file from a folder that has a new name each week and feed it into KNIME.  

If I know the name I can use the XLS reader which has everything I want. I've tried to use the List Files and then the Table Row to Variable but it's not clear how to pass this as a flow variable to the xls reader.

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You are right with the nodes you are trying. 

Connect table row to variable to xls reader node (it connects to the top left corner).  Then run the workflow to this point.

In xls reader node, select a file, any file will do its just acting as a placeholder. Then go to flow variables tab and find the read/input file section and from the drop down choose your flow variable. 

That's it.


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I learned that the xls node does not take in the excel binary format.

Hi Simon,

I have a similar problem. Looping over a number of Excel files works fine and the data gets nicely concatenated, but I would somehow like to preserve the originating Excel file location for each row.

Is this doable with a workflow variable? I note that it is possible to add an iteration column under the settings of the Loop End note. So basically I would like to have a column with the originating Excel files instead of the iteration number.

Any tips appreciated!


The XLS Reader node can also output the flow variable that was used to set the file to read.

Send this variable through a Variable to Table Column node, together with the table read by the XLS Reader node, and a column with the original location of each XLS file will be appended to the data for each row.

Please see the attached workflow.png.

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