How do I remove truncated string ?

Can anyone suggest or help me how can I filter out string data with truncated values.

I’m guessing you’re asking how you can filter out rows whose string values in a given column have an ellipsis?
The easiest way, if so, would probably to use the Row Filter node, specifying the regex to match on; there is actually an ellipsis character as opposed to three periods ... so you’ll need to determine which to include in your regex.

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Yeahh…you can put it that way. Some of the tweets have those elipsis and some arent (You can refer to the image down below). I have been using string manipulation node, row filter node…it works but some data have been missed to be filter out.
I havent try Regex yet, okay @quaeler thank you for the suggestion.

In this case, since we know that the truncated tweets are due to a bug in the Twitter implementation with retweets (see previous discussion here), you might be able to filter based on strings starting with “RT” that are 140 characters long.


Thanks @ScottF for the help. I hope that your KNIME Team Member can fix this bug asap. This will mean so much to me :blush:


It is fixed and the fix should go out with the next summer release of KNIME Analytics Platform.



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