How does KNIME process multi files?

hi Gurus,
I will need to process multi files following the same work flow? How does KNIME process this mode? How does I transfer the file name variable into KNIME workflow?These static files was located in the different sub-directory and had different name.
Thanks in advance.

Have a look at the List Files node.

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Thank you for your advice.
I’ll try it asap.

If I process one file each time, but there are many files, how do I process them parallel use the same work flow?

I usually just loop so sequential. But keep in mind many nodes that can use multiple threads will use multiple threads and others that don’t or can’t are often IO bound so doing it in parallel will in many use cases not offer all that much of a benefit.

Thanks. I will analyze the heat-supply system data of different residential block, so the core work flow is same, but the source is different.

Hi @picoman,

If the “core workflow” has been designed to only work with one input file, you can also combine a List Files node with a Parallel Chunk Loop of chunk size 1.

This also sounds like a use-case where a Call Workflow (Table Based) could be useful to run the core workflow with different input data…



Hi Stelfrich,
Thanks. I will try it asap.

Hi stelfrich,
I solved it by nodes: “Table Row to Variable Loop Start” and “Variable Loop END”.


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