How does the Interval Chart (JFreeChart) node work?

Dear KNIMErs,

I spent some time trying to create an Interval Chart using the corresponding node from the JFreeChart nodes extension, but I keep on getting the same warning without being able to open the Configure menu of the node:
“Data table must have at least one date and time column”

I tried a lot of different input formats like Local Date, Local Time, Local Date Time, Zoned Date Time, but I fail to get the node running. Is there somebody out there who can tell me how to use this node?

Thank you!

Dear @OttoEberhardt

It is one of our legacy nodes.
You can use it only with our legacy date and time format.
You can convert the new one into the old with the Date&Time to legacy Date&Time node.

Best wishes, Iris


Dear Iris,

thank you very much for your quick reply! It worked!



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