How get working day without weekend

Hi everyone,
I want to get the data of the day before work by date&time filter node, but how can I skip the day off?

Hey @Banksy,

you can extract fields (e.g. the name of the day of the week) using the Extract Date&Time Fields node. After you have done this you can use a Row Filter to filter Saturdays & Sundays.


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Hi @julian.bunzel,
I’m so sorry, I didn’t express myself very clearly.I want to use auto-run Date&Time-based Row Filter node without open KNIME. Now this node only one day before the execution date is available.
How do I automatically skip a day off?

Hello @Banksy,

you can not automatically skip non working or days off. However you can build logic which takes current execution date (you can use Date&Time Configuration node), calendar with working and non working days (you should build this calendar yourself but should be issue) and based on it get records from previous working day.

This workflow can give you some ideas:



Hello @ipazin

Thank you so much, I will try it.

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