How I can extract the text of R Std Output (R snippet) automatically ?

Hi everybody,

I would like to extract the text which from R Std Output (R snippet) automatically in image or pdf. 

Can you help me ?


One option may be to use the R Snippet node:

Alternatively you may consider using the BIRT reporting tool to more easily format your output:

Hi Robunie!

This is a hack, and nobody guarantees for this working for any version of KNIME, so please handle with care. ;-)

There is a hidden knime.stdout variable, which is used to capture the output of R, which is printed to the console during execution. This is not technically all of R Std Output, but it gets close:

print("Hello World")
knime.out <- data.frame(knime.stdout) // data.frame containing: [1] "Hello World"

I hope this helps! Converting the String cell into some pdf can probably be acchieved with what Jon suggested (e.g. BIRT).

Cheers, Jonathan.