How much data can Knime visualize? What is the most efficient way?

Hi Community,

I need to show a scatter plot with 120k data points in a KNIME dashboard. I have tried several ways to achieve that: Generic JavaScript View, Scatter Plot, Scatter Plot (Plotly).

None of them can render the full graph. The view stays blank.

How much data can Knime visualize in a view? What would be the most efficient way of doing that?

At best we would like to have some interactivity in the chart (zooming in&out or any click events in JS), so we cannot use Python to generate simply a png.

Any hints would be helpful. Hope the question is not too general.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Denis,

can you try it out in the new Scatter Plot node (Scatter Plot – KNIME Hub). We are currently rewriting our visualisations and the new plot should be able to handle large amounts of data. At the moment it will lazy render the points so it might take some time to complete the rendering, but it should be responsive the whole time. In the future we want to enable a large data option which will reduce the interactivity, but will improve the performance by a large amount.

I am very interested in your experience,


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