How take multiple columns

First Name Last Name Middle Name
Max Williams J
Tom Ford
Claire Jenson
Bailley Salon Carson
Ben Hamford T
Beck Jecko
Tommy Gun G

How do you add First, Middle and Last names, all in one Set.

Hi @shubhamss

Use the column appender node.
Gr. Hans

Try the ‘String Manipulation’ node. Then use the expression: string($First Name&+" “+$Middle Name$+” “+$Last Name”).

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Hi there,

@HansS you had Column Combiner node in mind? Not sure Column Appender node can do that :slight_smile:

String Manipulation node can be nice in this case as it offers customizing with commas and/or dots on preferred positions.



Or you could Unpivot, and then Pivot using the List or Concatenation aggregation methods.

Sorry, I’ll see myself out :running_man: :smile:


@ipazin you are right I had the Column Combiner node in mind. @shubhamss Excuses for the confusion :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is the data structure (I have): List (Collection of: Set (Collection of: String))

Where the List contains a set of First, Last and Middle Name. I intend to see if any of the names shows up in a comment (This comment has been broken down by spaces and may contain first, last and middle names).

Hi @shubhamss
a KNIME workflow with an some (example) data will be helpful to find a solution.
gr. Hans


I have sensitive data which I won’t be able to post on a public forum. Thanks for all your assistance. I felt like the matching could have using similarity search or string matcher. But the results are not accurate. So at the moment I am not sure of the specific nature of the string which leading to them default, when I crack that. I will post a example workflow.


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