How to access the NAS folder with the specified account

Is there a way to access the NAS Server folder through permission control in the workflow in the specified account?

What I hope to do is ,

  1. We have a folder on NAS server, ex: \\kin, account kin is granted access to the folder
  2. Make a workflow with ‘List Files’ and ‘csv writer’ nodes to access NAS folder.
  3. Deploy my workflow to our KNIME Server.
  4. After Workflow execution , it stored result to files on NAS server.


Kin Chang

Hi @itri_kin,

This should work if the network drive is mounted on the server machine, and if the user running the server process has access rights to that drive. However, you will most likely not be able to restrict the access to specific KNIME Server users (the drive is mounted on the OS level, not by KNIME Server).


There are some nodes in the Erl Wood community contribution relating to credentials controlled file system access which may also help


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Hi Steve,

That’s great. Thanks your help.

Kin Chang

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