How to add a label to the HTMLParser output to get store the 'parsed url'

I have the HTML parser up and running parsing some HTML pages (for which the URLs are set in a preceding Table creator node)  that I can analyse using the XPath node.

However with the output from the HTMLParser I would like to have the URL also stored. Is this in anyway possible, cause right now I only get the row ID and the XML back.

Do I need to join it with the table creator node again on RowID? Or is there another way?

I suppose you're talking about the HtmlParser from the Palladian nodes?

Currenty, we only output the parsed document. I will change this in a future release, so that the document column is appended to the existing table to conform to existing KNIME conventions. In the meantime, you can go the way you suggest and join on the RowID.