How to add a pre-configured table with data to the Explorer panel?

I have seen it in a few demo videos - the Table Creator node pre-filled with data is on the KNIME Explorer panel on the left, together with the workflows and folders, ready to be drag-and-dropped onto the canvas.
I searched and couldn’t find anywhere how to set it up - can anyone point to the right place for instructions?

Thank you

Hi @Dimitri_B

What you want can be achieved by placing the files in the KNIME Explorer.

Here is a workflow (5.7 KB) which reads some data and then writes the table to knime://knime.workflow/…/iris.table. After a refresh the file will be visible in your KNIME Explorer.

You can also just drag files in to your KNIME Explorer and then you can drag them in to your workspace from there and it will create the corresponding readers.

Hope this helps.

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