How to add two cells in the same table column

I have the following table as the last step of a data evaluation:


As a really last step I have to add the value of row Jazz to the value of row Funk.

The formula should be something like ColumnValues from Row0 add to Row2 and overwrite the previous value in Row2 with the sum.

How can I do this? In which node?

Hello @Thoralf,

You need to design a workflow that matches the configuration shown in the attached image. I have also attached the output table and the reference workflow for your reference.

How to add two cells in the same table column.knwf (2.1 KB)

Screenshot 2024-05-23 143412


Hi @tqAkshay95 thanks for your help!
It works! :sparkles:

Just out of curiosity, can I solve my problem just by using a Java snippet? Or is there also another possibility?

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