How to add weka packages


I've installed the WEKA  3.7 plug-in and I also have another independent WEKA 3.7 installation on my PC. In this independent WEKA 3.7 installation, I've downloaded some WEKA packages using the WEKA Package Manager (e.g., some new WEKA classifiers)

Is there an easy way to add into KNIME a new WEKA classifier downloaded from WEKA Package Manager? If the answer is not, I'd also want to know if it's planned that future KNIME versions will include this feature and when.


Jesus Maudes



Hi Jesus,

it might be possible by implementing the node itself. I would need to check with the developers, but I would not consider it easy :-).

We currently don't have short term plans to include more weka features. Is there something specifc you want to do?

Best, Iris 

Hi Iris,

Personnaly I will consider this one :


I haven't tried this myself but isn't it possible to call methods of a separate WEKA installation from a Java Snippet node? That wouldn't be pretty, but a lot easier than implementing a new node.

I'd be very interested if it would be possible to add EMImputation package to WEKA plugin, and also I'd like to ask if there is a chance for a WEKA 3.8 plugin for KNIME?