How to append new sheet in existing excel workbook

Hi friends,

I have a question how to append new sheet on existing excel workbook, I tried the “Excel Sheet Appender” but it overwrite the whole data and doesn’t add new sheet.

I wanted to save my output excel file into 1 workbook every time I run a node for my historical/transaction data.


Hello @seanmanzanilla,

You simply can use the “Excel Writer Node” this way :

If you want to go further, you could use a variable to give your sheet a “unique” name every time :

Hope it helps.


Hi @SamirAbida, sorry but my “excel writer node” it doesn’t has this kind of feature.

or perhaps im using older version?

thank you!


Yep, you should definitely check the version you are on. You can see it on the splash screen when you launch Knime or by going to the menu Help > About Kime …

You can update your Knime software just by going to the menu File> Update Knime (last version is 4.5.1).



@SamirAbida alright, i’ll let you know once I update the knime application. thank you!

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