How to apply results to same XML file

Hello guys,

I´ve been unsuccessfully trying to write the partial results from inside a loop to the same XML file. I always get the original file with the results of the last row processed.

I would like to do the following:

1. For each row from a table:

1.1 Apply some processing 

1.2 Apply the results over an XML file through XSLT.

1.3 Use the modified XML in the next iteration of the loop

Is that possible? 



Did you look into Recursive Loop nodes? They allow you to take the output of a loop back to the input for the next pass.

The only "limitation" is that the number of iterations has to be known upfront, but you can always set it through a Flow Variable if needed.


Thanks for your reply Marco.

I didn´t try "Recursive Loop". I was trying "Chunk Loop".

Yesterday I´ve found what I was missing: I forgot to put the XML Reader node inside the loop. I did that connecting output variables from "Chunk Loop Start" to input variables of "XML Reader". 

Now, every iteration, I am able to apply XSLT processing over the same XML file.

Really don´t know if it´s the best way, but it's enough for now.