How to apply trained Network to new data

hi, everyone
How can I find the result from the new data as shown in the screenshot?
I need to know the accuracy of the model based on external data

thanks all

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Hi @mohammad_alqoqa ,
thank you for posting.
If I understand your question correctly, you train the model and then you want to apply trained model on the new data? If yes, then, I would recommend to have two separate workflows: “Training” and “Deployment”.

In the first workflow you train your model, i.e. what you do in the upper part of the screenshot. What is missing now is Keras Network Writer – KNIME Community Hub, which allows to save your model. Consider this WF as an example: Classifying Images of Cats and Dogs - Training – KNIME Community Hub

In the second, “Deplyoment” WF, you preprocess your new data and then, you read your trained network via Keras Network Reader – KNIME Community Hub and apply it to new data. Example here would be: Classifying Images of Cats and Dogs - Deployment – KNIME Community Hub.

Please, let me know if it helps or the question remains.


thank you for these tips, I’ll apply them and send you the result soon


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