How to assign value to entries in a column

In the image above, there are 5 reasons in the “Lost reason” column:

  1. Rate resistance
  2. Hotel availability
  3. Location
  4. Meeting room size
  5. Contract terms and conditions

I’d like to categorize:

    1. Rate resistance & 5. Contract terms and conditions as “Changeable”
    1. Location & 4. Meeting room size as “Unchangeable”
    1. Hotel availability as “To be confirmed”

My question is: What workflow should I implement to have the categories such as “Changeable”, “Unchangeable”, “To be confirmed” matched in the column “Group”?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @doan_lai you can use the Rule Engine for this, with these rules:

$Lost reason$ IN ("Rate resistance", "Contract terms and conditions") => "Changeable"
$Lost reason$ IN ("Location", "Meeting room size") => "Unchangeable"
$Lost reason$ = "Hotel availability" => "To be confirmed"

For the last rule, you can set “To be confirmed” as the default like this:
TRUE => "To be confirmed"

But I prefer to specifically specify the rule for “Hotel availability”, which means the default value will end up being a missing value, in case you get a reason that is not among the 5 reasons, which is a good way to detect this.


Thank you kindly @bruno29a ! You’re tremendous.

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