How to calculate nominal domain for more than 60 unique values

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with the help of an Empty Table Creator node, a Random Number Assigner and a Number To String, I was able to figure out that nominal domains (visible as ValueXX columns in the table spec) are automatically calculated for up to 60 unique values, but not if the number of unique values is 61 or above. (Is this documented somewhere? I didn’t find it in my searches…)

Is there a way to enforce domain calculation if you have more than 60 values in a column? I tried Edit Nominal Domain but wasn’t successful.

In my use case, I’d like to apply a Nominal Row Filter Configuration to about 100 unique values (Strings), to allow a user to select e.g. 10 values among those.



node before filter.


Thanks a lot. I thought I had tried this one as well, but I must have missed the Restrict number of possible values option that is activated and set to 60 by default :slight_smile:

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