How to call Multiple Child workflows for a single parent workflow.

I’m trying to call multiple child workflows form a single parent workflow using the Call workflow service node. For an example I have a single Parent workflow and 10 child workflows how do i call all the 10 child workflows using this single parent workflow at the same time (parallel).
There are 10 requests (JSON ; The JSON body contains the 10 child workflow paths) coming to my parent workflow which should in turn call the child workflows.

Is this going to be run on a server? You can Call as many workflows as you need by just adding more Call Workflow nodes, but calling 10 simultaneously that are running on a local PC could cause resource problems.

If you want them to operate in parallel, then just keep the processes in separate workflow streams with no cross talk of connections in the workflow. I would build one Call to get it working, then copy paste / edit to add the others below. You can always try it to test out in parallel first and use flow variable connections between the call workflow nodes to switch it into series later if necessary.

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