How to call some workflow in order by using Call Workflow (Table Based)


I was wondering if I can some workflow(more than 3) in order by using call workflow (Table Based).
They must be executed after previous workflow has finished.
But when I created workflow as below and executed it, but it was not worked.
Please let me know how to call workflows in order…


@hhkim you will have to provide a path to the workflow you want to call on a KNIME server (or which exists locally).

Another example how to call workflows can be found here:


Hi @hhkim

your output port was deactivated because there is no data send back to the caller workflow from the callee workflow.
If you do not want to send any data, just delete the data connection between the two nodes and connect them via flow variables.
If you do want to send data from the first called workflow to the second called workflow, you need to add a data output to the first workflow. The node is the Container Output (Table)


Thank you so much!
I solve this problem by using flow variable.

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