How to capture data from Twitter?

I'm really new in the use of this software (and also in the bigdata world in general). Last week I was trying to capture info from Twitter to develop a research. Finally, after a lot of  expensive programs, I found Knime. I tried to use the next steps:

  1. Go to and login with your Twitter account
  2. Click 'Create New App'
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Click 'API Keys'
  5. Click 'Create my access token'
  6. Use the API key, API secret, Access token and Access token secret to setup the Twitter API Connector node

I have problems with the step 3, because I don´t have an app.

Someone know another way to get tweets in Knime?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Hi Daniel,

you can simply indicate KNIME Twitter Test as your application and obtain the API Keys you need. This is legitimate and, to my knowledge, doesn't violate any of Twitter's Terms of Use. There is no other way to proceed than this if you want to use KNIME's Twitter nodes.