How to case change all attributes

Hi , I’m very new to KNIME , I would like to know if there a way to case change all my attributes to lower case before loading in to a Postgres DB . I would like to avoid Column Renamer - doing renames of attributes one by one.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @jvidin and welcome to the KNIME forum

You can test ‘String Manipulation (Multi Column)’ node (Replace selected input columns’ option) with the following code:


If you are trying to rename the headers to a lower case, you can play around with Extract Column Header, Transpose and insert Column Header. Once the headers are in column format, you can convert to lower case with the String Manipulation standard node.

Let us know if further support is needed.


Thanks , with the sequence of Extract Column Header, Transpose and insert Column Header and after the string Manipulation I was able to get my header to lower case . Thanks again

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