How to Change something in a table using KNIME?

Hello Community,

i set up a MS SQL Database with around 20.000 Data. Lets say i have a price and its given in €. How can i change it with Knime to $ ? is there any way ?


I'm new to Knime and I'm struggling to find an example of how to simply transfrom some values from an Excel table. I've been able to read the excel file and process multiple sheets. However, I haven't figured out how to transform the data as per below. I've included a sample data set that I want to transform. The point of the application is to load many sheets from many Excel workbooks into teradata for user application usage analysis, pretty simple, but it would be tedious to do manually.

  • remove "E" or "C" prefix from User column
  • remove "@msad" suffix from User column
  • Convert "Mon ##" string to date (assume 2016 year, preferably variable year)

Sample Dataset (current state):

User App Date Queries
Euser1@msad App1 Jul 01 1
Euser2@msad App1 Jul 02 1
Euser2@msad App2 Jul 22 1
Euser2@msad App1 Jul 23 1
Cuser1@msad App3 Jul 24 1







Transformed data (end state):

  • Date column assumes some date format compatible with Terdata
User App Date Queries
user1 App1 2016-07-01 1
user2 App1 2016-07-02 1
user2 App2 2016-07-22 1
user2 App1 2016-07-23 1
user1 App3 2016-07-24 1

Several String Manipulation nodes will help you for the first two requests. For the last one, you’ll need to convert your “dates” from string into date, then extract the wanted information.


you can use the database nodes to change values in a database table. For an example of how to use the nodes have a look at this example flow.