How to color results coming from the Index Query node?

Using sequentially the PDF Parser, the Sentence Extractor, the Table Indexer and the Index Query nodes I'm able to identify sentences from a corpus of PDF documents that satisfy certain criteria established in the Query Node. My question is as follow. Is it possible to add a node (or nodes) that will color the terms (or expressions) that were entered in my query? Basically, what I want to accomplish is to have a table containing the sentences that satisfy my query with the words (or expressions) that were in the query in color (or in bold caracter if it is simpler to do). Is it possible to realize? How can I

Hi Rancourt, 

You can highlight certain terms with a Wildcard Tagger node, which helps you to assign a tag (you can use an arbitrary available tag) to the terms that are matching wildcard or regular expressions. A wildcard can be specified in a Table Creator node. Then for example when you look at the documents with a Document Viewer node, you can expand the Search category, choose the tag you specified for your wildcard expression, switch the tags on for highlighting and the tag will be shown next to the matching terms.


Please find attached a sample workflow.




Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your quick reply. It was helpful, even though it does not exactly what I wanted to do.


Dear Anna,

Could send me again the link to your example of highlighting.

Thank you.

Best Regards.