How to combine multiple columns as one column?

i have multiple "Duplicate Row Filter " nodes, each having just one column and different number of rows.
i want to make these nodes as input to a node that will give a single column as output, combining all the rows.

note: NOT combining columns as [col1],[col2],…
ID col0
row1 col1 val1
row2 col1 val2
row3 col2 val1
row4 col2 val2

Then i want to calculate the distinct values/count distinct rows.


Hi @Chad

you could try first unpivot your Duplicate Row Filter Nodes to get
ROWID, COLUMN_NAMES, COLUMN_VALUES and afterwards concatenate all unpivoted tables.


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there is already one column in Duplicate Row Filter Nodes, how unpivoting can help?
rather unpivoting has created extra columns.

is there any other way to do this?

if you want to keep your column name together with your values i would say no.

Hello @Chad,

you are basically looking for concatenate with column name as identifier. Using @morpheus idea will give you exactly that. One column you have is your value column and no columns are retained.


yeah it worked
but i had to apply a Column Filter after Concatenate to get the value col

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