how to compare 2 excels where columns are not in same order

i have a requirement, where i need to compare 2 excels but the issue is column names are not in the same order meaning… in excel 1 - id is in 3rd column and id in the excel2 is in 100th column.
how do we compare the data by column wise( need to find the matching column in the excel2 and verify the data)

Please let me know how this can be achieved?


Would you pleas explain your issue further?
What kind of comparison are you willing to do that you need the columns to be in a same order?

If you want to match data in the columns like e.g. ID and they are not in a same position, so what’s the problem?
I mean you can compare columns by their names, what’s the need of having them in a same order?

However, if you provide more details, I can help you better.