How to compare row1 and row 2 then in loop next 2 rows and so on..

Hi @shwetaoza,
is it possible for you provide more information?
Based on your example it is not clear which criteria of the comparison are used. Is it the first row of eg “A” in column1, is it the minimum value in column3 or are there criterias which are not included in your example.


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Hi @shwetaoza ,

based on your information I assume you want to compare the cells of each row, similar to the following screenshot, where the last two rows contain differing values:

I suggest to split the original table into two tables by splitting via RegEx on odd/even RowIDs. Then you can specify the columns to compare in the Table Difference Finder. Here is the workflow:

Hope this helps,
best Lukas


KNIME_project.knwf (35.5 KB)

I am trying to get output as given in the WorkFlow!!
Your solution worked perfect for comparing 2 rows but I guess my question is changing here like
compare rows with each other where IDs are same

Ahaa, great example! I think 'tis but a sorting problem :slight_smile:

You want to get the ID which is flagged if possible, with highest “rate” and highest “additional” ID? You can use the “Sorter” Node to do the relevant sorting, if necessary with more than one rule:

(See also: Sorter – KNIME Hub)

With the “Duplicate Row Filter” node, you can then get the first occurrence of the ID and finally sort it after the “additional” column to make it match the “Output Needed”-Table.

Here is the WF:

Hope that helps again!
Best, Lukas


Have you tried a lag column for comparison already?

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