How to competely uninstall KNIME after using installer

So I have been using KNIME 4.7 for ML using autoML. Updated to 5.1 and then found out autoML will not run properly until 5.1.1.

I uninstalled 5.1 and reinstalled 4.7 but now when I update the extensions in 4.7, KNIME is showing me the 5.1 versions of the extensions and a warning about incompatibility. Any thoughts?

Also, I currently have both 4.7 and 5.1 uninstalled right now but when I do a search on my laptop there are a few stray knime files left. For example:

My question is, does it make sense to delete these stray files directly so i can do a clean install of Knime 4.7? Or will deleting them mess up a new install of 4.7?

Thanks, Richard

Hi @rdlc1, sorry for the delayed response here.

You can delete those files, it shouldn’t affect anything upon reinstall.

When do you reinstall 4.7, please double check the update sites in the KNIME settings carefully. You might need to tweak those to ensure you’re getting 4.7 version of extensions.

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