How to concatenate the content of two different tables in size?

Dear list,

I’m trying to concatenate the contents of two tables but I do know how to do it. These are the tables:

Table 1:
Row2 C:\this\is\the\root\path

Table 2:
Row0 \folder0
Row1 \folder1
Row2 \folder2

And I want a new table with the Table1Row2 + each one of the rows in Table2, I mean:

New Table:
Row0 C:\this\is\the\root\path\folder0
Row1 C:\this\is\the\root\path\folder1
Row2 C:\this\is\the\root\path\folder2

Any idea? Thanks!


This looks like a case for Cross Joiner, followed by String Manipulation to concatenate the string columns


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Yes! It works, thank you!


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