How to configure external executable using knime external node


I can configure the knime external node with some external exe. but one errpr is coming as follows.

 External executable 'dd.exe didn't produce any output at the specified location.

Could you please help me to solve tis problem.

The executable doesn't create the output file that you have specified in the dialog. This file should contain the data for the node's output table.

Thanks for your reply.

I created one EXE which accept two parameters and dispaly the sum. How can I give the input parameter into an exe without hardcoding. I got the output as SUm is:arg1+arg2.but I got the same error like" External executable 'dd.exe didn't produce any output at the specified location."

Could you please give me one example of external toolnode under misc which is taking the userdefined EXE.Expecting your valuable comments.



If you read the documenation the executable should expect an input *file* containing the input table and must create and output *file* which is read back into the node and forms the output table. It's all about files, not parameters our output on stdout.

Ok.but how I can take the contents inside the file and how to provide this data to executable.In the documentation I read "The input file is NOT automatically transfered into the external tool. You need to specify appropriate command line arguments to read this file with your external tool".So may I use any commandline arguments to read from this file[like

type inputfile

] and also the exe generates some output ,that also redirect to the output file.may I use any other command line argument to do so?
Could you please clarify with an example.Thank you for your responce.

The simplest example is "copy input output". It reads the input file, does some processing and then creates the output file. The latter is read by the node after the executable has finished and converted into a KNIME table.

Thanks for your responce.

ok,Then I understood that  the external executable should take the file as input .One more doubt.How we can redirect the output of the executable[Log Information] to an output file. The executable is not intended to write into the output file Right ?. Then is it needed to use any cmd command to do this ?If we use the command  where we have to specify these commands.Awaiting for your valuable comments.

I don't fully understand your question. Ideally the program should create a file by itself and not output the results on stdout. If you can only use stdout, you can redirect it to a file using common shell syntax. Log output must not go into the file, obviously, but usually this is sent to stderr anyway.

I don't think it's correct

In my experience

The redirect synax (like this ">") doesn't  work

But another way to utilize that is to create an batch file(*.bat) and use the redirect command to do that

No luck here either -- the Paths seem to get sanitised a little too much. Will try the .BAT file appraoch next.